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Injection: subcutaneous injection is sufficient, such as the back of the neck, back, and both sides of the spine.

It is more effective to take orally on an empty stomach; at the same time, it can be mixed with canned meat or pressed into powder.

Fresh cooked fish, boiled chicken breast, sheep milk powder and other natural foods; If the cat is unable to eat due to illness, please feed it with liquid food.

The recommended duration of treatment is 12 weeks. However, the actual treatment time may depend on many factors, such as how quickly your cat responds to treatment, your cat's constitution, the stage of your FIP infection when treatment begins, and your personal financial situation.

Yes, GS-441524 is an antiviral treatment that can be used with other medications to improve the overall health of cats.

As your cat begins to heal, it will gain weight as its appetite returns and begins to eat regularly. Weigh the cat once a week and adjust the dose accordingly. Work closely with your veterinarian to address possible complications, such as liver and kidney damage and infections.

Injection: Store in a light-shielding airtight container at room temperature before opening, and refrigerate after opening.

Pills: Store in a dry, moisture-proof place.

1-2 days faster, 3-4 days slower, depending on the cat's constitution and the severity of the disease, there are individual differences. Oral pills can be used to double the dose on the first and second days, and return to the normal dose after 2 days, which will take effect faster.

Try not to take fever-reducing needles, which may lead to hypothermia. Physical cooling is recommended when the internal temperature of the anus does not exceed 40.2 degrees. Take a small amount of alcohol or a damp towel to wipe the footpads and ears. A small amount of antipyretic injections may also be considered. Cats generally have a fever within 12-36 hours of being hit with 441.

No, we cannot ship to all countries due to legal, logistical and customs barriers. If you are unable to complete a purchase on our website, please contact us.

Yes, we handle customs clearance procedures

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