Donation Plan


There are many touching stories of people doing their best to save their cats, even stray cats; we created a donation program. We will use a portion of each sale to help cats in need of financial assistance get treatment for feline infectious peritonitis.


  1. The principle of donation is as follows:

l Start fundraising by creating a donation campaign through our platform.

Or other platforms, choose a public and reputable platform that provides credibility to your event; start fundraising.

lTell us about your fundraiser and we will approve or deny your request within 24 hours and provide you with a coupon code. Use the coupon code on the checkout page to receive matching items for free.

Example: You order 5 bottles of 16.4mg/ml product, when you checkout, you will see 10 bottles of 16.5 mg/ml product


  1. Terms and Conditions:

In order to ensure the integrity of your fundraising, please provide the donation record of the third-party platform, and the funding record is provided by the donation platform.

If you donated using paypal, please provide a screenshot or copy of the funder.

Donations created using our platform are non-refundable and you can give your product to other cat owners in your area who need help.

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