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Which cats are susceptible to FIP?

FIP affects purebred and randomly bred cats. However, the disease usually begins in young cats, so it is closely related to cat reproduction and shelter. Improper feeding can also exacerbate the disease, especially due to overcrowding (shelters, large cat families). We also know that genetic susceptibility may account for 50%…
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How does coronavirus spread?

Coronavirus is common in all cat populations, and the most important one in cats is correctly called feline intestinal coronavirus (fecv). Fecv exists in almost all cat houses with 6 to 8 or more cats, and up to 40% of kittens are abandoned to shelters. Enteroviruses in cats live in…
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Is FIP infectious?

Cats with FIP do not appear to be highly contagious to the cats they come into contact with. Although this is mainly based on clinical observation, it has also been confirmed by laboratory research. No contact propagation was observed in the experimental environment. In addition, cat to cat transmission means…
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What are the signs of FIP infection?

Signs of FIP appear weeks, months and, in rare cases, years after the initial infection. During this quiescent phase, cats may have no symptoms or vague signs, such as stunting or increased susceptibility to other common infections. Many people believe that FIP will cause signs of upper respiratory disease in…
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How did coronavirus become FIP?

FIP is caused by mutations in fecv. Although fecv mutation to FIPV is common, fortunately, only a small number of cats exposed to this mutant virus will be infected with FIP. Fecv is undergoing constant mutations, and several genetic forms of the virus may coexist in the same animal at…
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Is FIP vaccine effective?

A vaccine has been developed and can be used. However, it must be used for kittens at least 16 weeks old (most cats have been exposed to coronavirus at this age), it is ineffective for cats that have been exposed to coronavirus (most cats), and its efficacy is low for…
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Is there any possibility of recurrence?

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