It’s really great. I went for a re-examination today. After the results came out, the doctor told me that the white ball ratio had risen to 1.5, and the abdominal fluid had disappeared.
It’s been 80 days since my tippi called 441, and the observation period for stopping needles is about to begin. It’s really good, and I’m so happy. I want to share the story of my tippi with everyone.
First of all, I would like to thank my friend for recommending the goodcure medicine to me. Originally, I had no hope. My veterinarian told me that this disease could not be cured.
I told my best friend about tippi’s illness. She also has a cat at home. My best friend told there is hope that it can be cured. She had seen on the website that the drug 441 can treat FIP.
She searched for me for a long time and finally found goodcure. I didn’t hesitate because I knew that time is life. I received the medicine a few days later and gave it to my baby directly.
On the second night of the day, I started to want to eat. On the third day, I could take the initiative to eat by myself. On the eighth day, my stomach became significantly smaller. Now we go to the animal hospital for a review once a month,
The test results are getting better and better. I hope our tippi medication experience can help you.

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