Treatment story


I would like to share with the patients my experience of going ashore. My cat was diagnosed with dry FIP in February, with jaundice, fever, poor spirits, no food, and eye problems.
At that time, I heard that we can only try special medicines. If the special medicines don’t work, then there is no cure. Then the search for medicine began.
Finally, on the recommendation of a friend, I found goodcure, and my eyes began to improve after nearly half a month.
There was a change the next day, I started to eat and my spirit started to improve. Eyes have been using antibiotics and moisturizing eye drops during this period, followed by liver protection drugs and antibiotics.
In the first month I went for a re-examination, the white ball ratio rose from 0.33 to 0.8. I have been playing for three months, because I am worried about relapse, what can I do after relapse.
Fortunately, now I’m jumping around every day, causing trouble everywhere, and I even broke my favorite cup a few days ago.
But it’s really nice to see him like this now. I hope everyone has the courage to try and not give up easily.
By the way, there is another good news, he is now a big fat man of 12 pounds.

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