Non-effusive (dry) FIP


Dry FIP can also cause loss of appetite, fever, jaundice, diarrhea and weight loss, abnormal enlargement of intestinal lymph nodes, but there will be no liquid accumulation. Usually, cats with dry FIP are prone to eye or nervous system symptoms.

External appearance:

The ocular symptoms are uveitis, corneal edema, sediment on the cornea, inflammation of iris and ciliary body, redness of aqueous humor, fibrin clot in anterior aqueous humor, and flaming Omental Hemorrhage in the early stage of the disease. In addition, eye symptoms may not appear in the early stage.

Nervous system symptoms are hind body movement disorder, dyskinesia, spasm and convulsion. They usually can’t walk in a straight line, which is similar to drunken state. Individual cats will have incontinence of urine and urine, inconsistent pupil size and unable to change pupils. In addition, neurological symptoms may not appear in the early stage.


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